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Find some standing time in your online poker session

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is best in this modern age of playing poker at some of the Best canadian online casinos.

For example, you decide to stop drinking alcohol and start snacking on fruit instead. You later read an article about the damaging effects that natural sugars found in fruit have on your body. 

You may even decide to stop eating red meat because the thought of killing a little lamb is unbearable, only to find out  you are depriving your body of vital proteins.

Sitting for too long

Online poker players find themselves in similar situations, with stories, such as sitting for too long will diminish your life span compared to those players that stand. 

If you find this hard to believe then take a look at exactly why some Online poker players find themselves on their feet.

Online players have the advantage of playing at a casino online from the comfort of their own home and therefore have time for the following to help relieve tensions.

10 Metre Sprint

The 10-metre sprint allows you to have a five-minute break at the end of every level. Challenge yourself, by keeping a record of how long it takes you to get up, go to the bathroom and back again. Keep a log and try beating your previously recorded time.
Mini Yoga Sessions will give you a natural high. If you don’t need the bathroom during your five-minute break, then settle down for a few mini yoga exercises. You will feel more relaxed and ready for the next poker session.

Victory celebrations will be more rewarding when playing online poker at home, as you can remove your shirt and jump around while shouting with joy. 

The Geek Desk is a specially designed desk that allows you to either stand or sit, dependant on your preferences. Just by pressing a button, the size of your desk will increase in height which will allow for a standing or sitting for a period of time.


At the end of the day, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting while playing online poker, it is still advisable to take a break at least every hour to stretch your legs and give your eyes a break from the flickering screen.





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