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Play Texas Hold'em Online

It’s easy to play Texas Hold’em online. What’s not so easy is playing Texas hold’em well. The best way to start in Texas hold’em is simply to play. While the poker strategies of the game may seem somewhat elusive at first, they will become clear the more hands you see.

Texas Hold’em Is a Game of Hand Selection

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself improve at Texas hold’em is to limit your starting hand range. While it is possible to see players on television getting involved with ridiculous, random hands like 9 4 off suit, this is far from the norm.

In general, you should stick to big cards and pairs when you’re playing poker online, especially if you are in early position. This is particularly true in limit games, in which it is impossible to win a big pot when you secretly flop a monster with your garbage hand.

Texas Hold’em Is a Game of Position

In Texas hold’em, the button has the privilege of acting last and rotates with each deal. This is an advantage that cannot be stressed enough. The amount of information that acting last provides is invaluable, and you should be willing to play many more hands and call raises more often from late position than from early position.

Texas Hold’em Is a Game of Discipline

Texas hold’em is about discipline. You can’t play every hand and force your opponents out of every pot. You will win in Texas hold’em by biding your time, waiting for good hands and playing aggressively when you get them.

You can also win by waiting until you sense weakness and attacking it. You cannot win by playing any two suited cards, flopping bottom pair and then riding the hand to the end while hoping for the best.

The more you play Texas hold’em, the more obvious the above facts and other realities about Texas hold’em will become. Another truism about Texas hold’em is that you are likely to get better with practice.

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Did You Know?

The average U.K.-based online poker player lost $465 in 2009, down from $571 in 2007, according to research firm Mintel.

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