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Observing Online Texas Hold'em

A good online Texas hold'em player understands that one of the ways to improve results is through observation.

When playing online, you can watch good players and see what they do right,
as well as watch weaker players to try to find soft games to play when you
are ready to sit down at the table at a site like .
This is a big advantage online Texas hold'em has over live Texas hold'em,
as it is much harder to observe a live game fully. When watching online Texas hold'em,
it's important to know what to look for.

Observing Good Online Texas Hold'em Players

Strong Texas hold'em players can usually be found at the higher stakes games at the poker sites.
This does not mean that all high stakes players are good, far from it.
However, this is where the stronger players tend to gravitate.
Keep an eye on how often these players enter a pot and how aggressively they play when they do.
Take note of how they adjust their actions depending on the opponent they are facing.

Finding Weaker Online Texas Hold'em Players

Weak players can be found at all levels, even at the best australian online casino,
but the lower you go in stakes, the more likely you are to find weak or inexperienced opponents.
Here you should be focusing on specific tendencies of individual players.
Some will play too passively, backing off almost any hand in the face of aggression;
others will be too loose, spreading chips freely around the pot without regard to the situation.
Keep notes on each player so that when you face him or her in a game,
you will know exactly how to play against him or her, almost like a computer.

Using Your Knowledge on Online Texas Holdem

Once you've made your observations,
put them to work for you by modeling the behavior of the strong players and exploiting
the mistakes of the weaker ones.
In this way, observation can make you a better online Texas hold'em player.

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