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Looking at Your Cards

If you are learning how to play poker so you can beat your opponents when playing at some of the best au online casinos, here are some useful tips to consider when looking at your cards. We are sure that in your local card school there are a lot of players who like to play there cards blind. The definition of blind is to play without looking at your hole cards. We also assume that if this is happening, your opponents have either drunk too much alcohol, got too much money or are plain stupid!

In a game of partial information you need to look at your cards because they form a part of the only pieces of information you get. But when should you look at your cards and why is it a big deal?

Firstly, lets focus on why it is a big deal. Remember we said that poker is a game of partial information? This means players are always on the look out for additional information to fill the gaps, this is especially true when playing Omaha Poker. When you look at your hole cards you will emanate some sort of physical change that could be picked up by an opponent. This is called a tell. So players try to make each move the same so they can avoid tells developing.

A good tip would be to look at your cards when the action folds around to you. Looking at your cards at the last minute reduces the amount of time you have to give off a tell. Another good tip is to look a second time while the dealer is laying down the flop just to make sure that you remember the suits of your cards.

Shuffling and Cutting before looking at your cards

Before cards are dealt in a player-dealt game, the pack must be shuffled and cut. It is recommended that three people be involved in the game instead of just two to ensure the integrity of the game. During the previous round, the dealer took in the discards and squared up the deck before the shuffle. As soon as the cards have been shuffled, the player to the left of the new dealer slides them to the new dealer, who then cuts them by the player to his right.

Four times at least must be riffled through the deck. Each portion must have no less than four cards. There should be a barrier at the bottom of the deck so no one can see the bottom card. Cut-cards can be used to create this barrier. An example would be a joker. A player must complain about the shuffle, cut, or any other preparation, before looking at his hand or making a bet.


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