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Panic has no Place in Poker

You have been playing in a £1/1 cash game for seven hours. You brought £400 with you and have been playing with 100bb stacks. You have lost two of those stacks and are down £200. You have to log off in one hour's time so what do you do? Panic!

You start to worry that you will have to log off with dust mites playing in the place where your money once lay comfortably in your wallet. You have one eye on the clock while your hand range starts to loosen up. You start to panic and forget you can take a breather and play again when you have more time..  You couldn’t care less. All you are interested in is getting back in profit right now.

Poker can turn losers into winners and winners into losers in a heartbeat. The game moves that quickly that you can be down in the dumps one minute and flying in the air the next. Do not jump to conclusions, do not count your sheep just yet and whatever you do don’t panic. If you need practice, trying playing Free Poker Online first.

Instead of panicking remain calm, composed and focussed. Be mindful of the moment and make sure that your standards do not drop. Now is not the time to make mistakes chasing ghosts? Your goal is not to log off in profit in the next 30-minutes. Your goal is to ensure that you make the correct decision each and every time you sit down at the felt. By thinking in this way you will understand that is doesn’t matter if you log off in 5-minutes as broke as a street beggar. Make the correct decision each and every time and in the long run you will be a winner.

Texas Holdem Tips

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