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Poker - Balancing Your Range

In order to prevent your opponents from being able to read what cards you have and, therefore, play perfectly against you, it is important to balance your range. Briefly, this means that you need to play a broad range of hands in an identical way. This rule applies, whether you are playing at an online casino or poker room.

The reason for doing this is that you do not want your opponents to know if you are making a raise with pocket aces of T-9 suited. By creating a balanced image, you will make it much more difficult for your opponent’s to get a handle on the cards you have and, therefore, increase the overall implied odds of any hand you play.

For those who are unsure, implied odds are the theoretical chances of you making money with a certain hand. Thus, the more deceptive you are, the more likely a player is going to misread what you have and give you all their chips.

Keep your Range Balanced

A good way to make sure that your range stays balanced is to incorporate suited connectors into your pre-flop raising range.

Many players are reluctant to play these hands at some of the best online pokies nz sites. However, they have two inherent advantages. Firstly, they allow you to make deceptive hands that can win you a lot of money. Secondly, they are easy to get away from, if you find your opponent is putting a lot of pressure on you.

When you include these hands into your range, you will suddenly be playing more hands than just the top 10%, which, in turn, will make you more difficult to read.

Bet the Same Amount

Another way to stay mysterious at the poker table is to always bet the same amount. Sometimes there is a temptation to bet bigger when you are bluffing and smaller when you want someone to call.

This is a mistake because a good player will quickly work out this pattern. Therefore, to make yourself tougher to read, you need to keep your sizing the same, no matter what hand you have on the table.

If you follow these two simple steps, you will find that your opponents will start making more mistakes against you, and your profits will increase.


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Did You Know?

A bill that would regulate online poker in the island state of Hawaii is now considered dead, according to Poker News Report. Hawaii is one of two states in the U.S., along with Utah, that does not have any form of legalized gambling.