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Learn about 3 Card Brag , how to play the game and where to play 3 card Brag Online.

3 Card Brag

Three-card brag is essentially a derivative of poker from the 16th century. It is ostensibly a British card game and it is still commonly played in the pubs and clubs around the British Isles today.

The game was played in the Guy Ritchie blockbuster Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, making it popular with modern day players. Because of that online casinos like Stellar Spins Casino now feature games like three card brag.

Playing the Game of 3 Card Brag Poker

The game is played with a single deck of 52-cards and the deck is shuffled at the start of each game.  When playing the game online there are actually two ways to win. In the main game you are dealt one hand of three cards and you must beat the dealers hand to win. In the additional game, often known as the bonus game, the result and your winnings depend on the value of your hand.

The dealer’s hand does not come into the equation in the bonus round. You can choose to play in these games separately or both together.
When you start the game you select your stake. Depending on where you play the game you can bet on your own cards and the bonus bet circle. You can bet as much as you like as long as the amounts fall between the minimum and maximum amounts allowed by the casino.

Dealing the Cards

Once you have made your stake you press the deal button and are given three cards.  You can now either play or fold. If you choose to play then a stake equal to your original bet is taken from your chips and added to your stake. If you press fold then you forfeit your cards and lose your stake.

Once you have selected play or fold the dealers cards are turned over and the winner is confirmed. If played online your winnings will be put in a central pot, meaning you can spend it elsewhere, such as on poker or blackjack.


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