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Dead Money - Learn more about Aggressive and Passive Dead Money.

Aggressive and Passive Dead Money

Dead money is a term used more widely in poker in the modern game. There are two types of dead money.

Aggressive Dead Money
We are playing $1/2 in a six-max cash game when we raise with seven-eight off suit and we get three-bet by someone holding seven-eight suited. The flop comes down K53 rainbow and he bets and we call. The turn is an off suit ace and once again he bets. If we move all-in at this point in the hand our hand strength is irrelevant because he is always going to fold. He folds his hand and we pick up the dead money in the pot because of our aggressive act. This is the concept known as aggressive dead money.

Passive Dead Money
This is a much more common and understood concept.
Once again we are playing $1/2 in a six max cash game and we raise with seven-eight off suit and the player in the big blind calls. The flop is K53 rainbow, the big blind checks, we make a continuation bet and he folds. The process whereby a player calls only to fold on later streets produces passive dead money.

There are some players in the game who make hoovering up dead money the corner stone of their game.  If this is an approach you wish to take remember that passive dead money is a lot easier to amass than aggressive dead money, as there are fewer risks.

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