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Playing Pairs

When youíre dealt pocket aces life is good and things are simple. How about when youíre dealt pocket deuces, though? Playing small pairs is a tricky task if you donít know what youíre doing. The basic aims when you get dealt a small pocket pair Ė which is any pair between deuces and eights Ė is to get to the flop cheaply and make a set.

Implied odds are crucial when playing small pairs. This means that you want a high amount of people in the pot and small price to enter. When this dynamic is in place you stand a much greater chance of winning a lot of money. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to simply call a raise pre-flop and hope that other people do the same.

According the laws of poker probability you will make a set roughly 1 time in 7 which means that when you make a call pre-flop you need to take this into account. The effective stacks (you and your opponentís) need to equal 70 big blinds or more before the flop in order for you to profitably make a call.

In a nutshell, playing small pairs requires you to get in cheap and make a set. The great thing about making a set is that youíll often make a lot of money, especially if the pre-flop betting indicates your opponent has a strong hand.

The biggest mistake you can make with a small pocket pair is to invest too much money. Indeed, itís almost certain that youíll need to improve in order to have any showdown value so itís vital that you only commit yourself when you know youíve got a strong chance of winning. A good way of practising this is to try free poker online.

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